Jesus Said to Go!

And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” – Mark 16:15

We often wonder about the perfect will of God. Should we? The mandate is clear. Our Lord has commanded us to go into the world and spread the gospel. Use every gift. Use every resource. Use every moment. Go! The Father wants souls. He sowed His Son that He might receive sons and daughters; and Jesus deserves to reap the reward of His suffering.

To preach the gospel, God has called you.

You may be asking the Lord, “What is your will for my life? What am I supposed to do?” You’ll be happy to know that the answer is quite simple. It’s not complicated or difficult to understand. God’s agenda in the earth is the spreading of the good news about His Son.

So it stands to reason that God’s will for your life is the participation in this global evangelistic effort. You may not know what job you should work at, what region you should live in, who person you should marry, or what school you should attend. But you do know that whatever it is that God reveals concerning those details of your life that you are to aid in the spreading of the gospel.

What should we do while we wait for answers concerning the specifics of our lives? We should involve ourselves with the spreading of the gospel. Do what is the clear will of God (spread the gospel), and, in time, God’s will for your life concerning the details will be revealed. In other words, while you wait to hear from God on the uncertain, involve yourself in the certain. You may not have all of the answers or every direction from God. But, in the meantime, you do have this clear command: Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.