Hell: As Inspired by a Dream

Hell – No amount of regret can appease it. For every moment that passes, a moment is added to the extent of one’s stay. Deep frustration, hopeless turmoil and constant confusion are forever in the soul. Hope is destroyed. After all, there is no mercy past this point. The instant your eyes catch a glimpse, your pride and stubbornness are broken. But it’s too late. The moment you sense the evil, you desire the opportunity to repent. But God is not mocked. The reality is confirmed. Everything you knew in your heart to be true is now visibly apparent. You escaped the thought on earth, hoping the thought would never manifest its own reality.

Every moment of sinful pleasure, every comment of mockery, every laugh at God – they turn to be regrettable, sorrowful even. To know that safety was within reach is a tormenting thought. Why such foolishness? Why such carelessness? It could have all been prevented – that is a most tormenting thought. No time exists – Hell is the constant state of highest anguish. It is darkness that never again will see light, pain that will never know comfort and loneliness that will never again find companionship. It is the justice of God. Can you grasp the vastness of the universe? That is temporary. Hell is a universe void of all things good. Pride is the door to Hell, and stubbornness is the step that takes you through.

What sort of pride would walk into Hell fire? What pleasure is worth the soul? Mock, laugh, scoff and push it from your mind – it remains a reality. Life is a thin, fragile glass upon which we walk. Once it is broken, it cannot be repaired. Only fools go to Hell when salvation is so near. Frustration that causes physical tension, fear that causes your heart to race, anger that brings depression and pain that causes a scream – these are the reactions of a Hellish existence. They are the eternal marks of a tormented, rejected soul.