Eternity Matters

Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth.
Colossians 3:2, NLT

Nothing matters, except for that which impacts eternity. When all things have finally come to an end, when even history itself is forgotten, only the eternal remains.

That is why the Church must remain focused on the eternal. The gospel must remain our central message, because it doesn’t just change lives - it impacts eternity. There are many wonderful messages, projects, and causes that are worthy of attention; however, our primary message must be the gospel.

Feed the hungry? Yes. Meet earthly needs? Absolutely. Involve ourselves in social reformations? Sure. But we must not be swept so far into social cause that we forget about eternity. Charity and good works must aid our spreading of the gospel, not replace it. The Church’s first priority should be the preaching of the gospel message - backed by good works, yes; but definitely and clearly spoken with words.

What good does it do to feed a man today who enters eternity without Christ tomorrow?

Let us continue to preach about the blood of Jesus, repentance from sin, Heaven, Hell, and eternity. If we don’t preach the gospel, who will? If we don’t address the issue of the soul, who will? Keep an eternal focus. Keep preaching the gospel.

Souls hang in the balance.