3 Keys to Financial Breakthrough

These are interesting, historic and uncertain times. No hour has ever been so key, so pivotal in God’s agenda for the ages. And, within this crucial moment, God has chosen to purposefully place you.

He placed you here and now, because He knew He could trust you to obey Him, to follow His Word by faith.

And I have good news for you: even in these times, God wants you to be fruitful. To His children, God gives peace during the storm, clarity during the chaos and prosperity during the famine. But there are three Biblical keys to claiming this God-offered fruitfulness.


#1 Stewardship

Stewardship is taking care of what you have, doing what you’re supposed to do with what you have and treating what you have like it’s what you want.

I find it interesting that many believers, who know that God is able, act as if He is unable when it comes to their finances. When we give to the gospel out of what we have now, we will be given more. I feel safe in saying that how you treat the gospel is how God will treat your finances. We say, “Bless me, and I’ll give.” God says, “Give, and I’ll bless you.”

We can’t expect more if we cannot obey with the little that we have.

We all want to be in a place where money is no longer a worry, where we can fund the Kingdom and bless our families. And God wants to take us to such a place.

But can God trust you with abundance? You’ll know the answer to that question by whether or not you give in time of need. When you can give with what you have now, it is a sign to God that you are ready for more.

“For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”
~ Matthew 25:29


#2 Generosity

Without generosity, the stewardship of your finances requires no faith. For example, for some people, giving even $5 requires faith. To others, the giving of $5 is hardly even a reason for thought. Generosity is proportional. So if what you give doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t require faith to give it. And without faith, how can your financial management be pleasing to God? It’s impossible to please God without faith.

Generosity releases the flow of God’s provision in your life.

“The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”
~ Proverbs 11:25

Be the blessing that you want someone to be to you. Send that check in the mail, that random check you’re always hoping to find, to someone else. In the words of Jesus, “Give, and it shall be given.”


# 3 Faithfulness

Finally, in order to unlock the blessing of fruitfulness, you must be faithful. Faithfulness cannot be had in days, weeks or months. It takes years to have faithfulness.

Some people begin to sow into ministries and, after only a few months, stop, because their financial situation doesn’t seem to be getting “blessed”. But what God blesses is long-term generosity and stewardship. Though you may not see the results you want to see, keep sowing. It’s usually when you’ve come to what seems to be the end of your perseverance that God brings the breakthrough.

A Challenge

So, dear friend, I want to challenge you today to begin or continue in a lifestyle of giving to the gospel. Give to your local church faithfully. Support missionaries and global Christian projects. Involve your finances in the gospel, and God will involve Himself in your finances.

No matter how far your breakthrough may seem, a single step of faith can take you all the way to a miracle.