A Shadow of Healing

Years ago, I traveled to the State of Indiana to conduct a 3 night Healing Service. Those meetings were filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit in a very special way. The services in Indiana had a unique and divine “feel” to them. I celebrate the reality that God puts His creative signature on each gathering.

Yet as wonderful as the services were, what happened after the meetings were over was probably most memorable.

The last service had ended. The people had mostly disbursed. And the pastor and I were talking in the sanctuary. I finished the conversation, turned away and began heading to the parking lot when I heard a commotion in the sanctuary.

One of the church members, who had yet to leave the building, had gone to pick up their child from the church nursery. Upon picking up the child, the parent had noticed something amazing. The baby, who had crossed eyes when dropped off at the nursery, now had eyes that were perfectly straight.

The commotion I heard was the celebration of that miracle.

Nobody had laid hands on that baby. In fact, that baby was in the nursery the entire time I was ministering. So what happened?

The healing presence of Jesus had so filled the atmosphere of that church that miracles simply occurred – all throughout the property.

When thinking back on that interesting event, I am reminded of this peculiar verse found in the book of Acts:

“Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches, that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them.” - Acts 5:15

Now many often quote that verse and assert that “Peter’s shadow healed people!” But that’s not exactly what the scripture says. The scripture tells us that the people were the ones who brought out the sick. Peter didn’t tell them to do this; this is something they did on their own. And why would they do this? What odd occurrences might have led these people to believe that Peter’s shadow could heal?

It’s because the healing presence of Jesus was so intense on Peter that people were healed just by being around him!

Miracles followed him wherever he walked.

And, dear reader, you too can see miracles wherever you walk. You are God’s habitation, the temple of the Holy Spirit. You are an atmosphere, a dominion, a little walking piece of Heaven on earth. You are a carrier of the Glory of God. Know that wherever you go, the Holy Spirit goes with you – healing, freeing and touching people.