YouTube Comment Policy

While we welcome disagreement, the presentation of conflicting/contrasting views and friendly dialogue, there are a few comments that will be removed:


Linked Comments

Comments that contain links in them. To keep our viewership cycling through our content, we do not allow comments to contain any links or suggestions about looking up other content/websites, as to not disrupt our desired viewership flow.


Rude Comments

Comments that insult other commenters personally or David's guests. If you personally insult, bully, or harass other commenters or David's guests, your comment may be removed. Remember: Attack points, not people.


Vulgar Comments

Comments that contain sexually explicit phrases or words. We will remove comments that are vulgar.


Hateful Comments

Comments that contain hate will be removed. We will remove all comments that contain insults or slander that attack someone based upon their race, sexual orientation, religion, gender or atheism. We can disagree without being cruel to one another.


To Consider

For believers wondering why our rules are the way they are, we remind you that the goal of this channel is two-fold: evangelize the lost & edify the believers. Part of evangelism is open dialogue. If we remove unbelievers from the dialogue, they may never find the truth.


Note: David Diga Hernandez and Steven Moctezuma do not personally reply to our YouTube comments.