The Conviction of the Holy Spirit

“And when he comes, he will convict the world of its sin, and of God’s righteousness, and of the coming judgment.” - John 16:8

The conviction of the Holy Spirit is not a punishment; it’s a gift. His faithful and guiding voice obstructs the plans of the enemy over our lives. His corrective instructions free us from the snare of distraction, prevent destruction, and bring about the perfect will of God in our lives.

I’ve seen the believer become discouraged by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Such discouragement comes about because, firstly, the believer has trouble distinguishing between the voice of the Holy Spirit and his own anxieties. The Holy Spirit doesn’t tediously critic every decision we make, and He certainly doesn’t beat us down with shame. The flesh and the enemy do that! The Holy Spirit yearns to draw us to repentance, and, once we repent, He wholly desires that we experience the joy of forgiveness. Think about this: God so wanted you to experience the joy of His forgiveness that He sacrificed His only Son. Once you’ve repented on a matter, let the matter be settled. Don’t hear what the Spirit isn’t saying. Don’t confuse His voice with your anxious thoughts.

Secondly, the believer becomes discouraged at the conviction of the Holy Spirit, because he keeps a record that God Himself doesn’t keep. When God corrects us, we often become frustrated with ourselves, noting all of our faults. But God isn’t counting our faults against us. He doesn’t keep any sort of record of our wrongs. Conviction is an opportunity for improvement, so be encouraged when the Holy Spirit brings correction to your life. Don’t keep your mistakes on a list.

That you are being convicted by the Holy Spirit is a sign that you are still able to hear the Lord, and that’s a good thing.