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Let’s Believe for a Move of The Holy Spirit in Your Region

David Diga Hernandez is a gifted teacher of God’s Word and uniquely anointed in evangelistic preaching. He has a distinguished grace to lead people into the manifested presence of the Holy Spirit and healing. His ministry is marked by the Holy Spirit in a special way. Ministering God’s power with excellence and reverence, David’s ministry has seen people from all walks of life come into a genuine and life-changing experience in God’s glorious presence. David has a heart to lead the lost to Christ, the sick to healing, and the believer into a deeper fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

This ministry reaches 2-3 million people every month with the gospel. Now, God is moving David to partner with local churches and ministries to believe for a move of the Holy Spirit in their regions. Connect with a move of the Holy Spirit.


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