David Hernandez represents the best in a new generation of leaders and influencers. Though young in age, he carries himself like a seasoned sage. He has served and observed the great leaders in the body of Christ. I know few who have accomplished more at such a young age. David’s personal character exceeds his extraordinary giftedness. I consider him a friend.
— Phil Munsey - Chairman at The Champions Network with Joel Osteen/Lakewood Church

David Hernandez is one of the most authentic and anointed young men I have ever had the privilege to meet. His blend of gifting, wisdom and humility is rare and is the antithesis of the millennial generation labels. I believe in David and his ministry and consider him to be a personal friend and trustworthy voice. I have seen first hand his ability to hear from God, and I believe wholeheartedly that God has raised him to be a significant voice to a generation desperately in need of authenticity.
— William McDowell - Pastor of Deeper Fellowship Church, Grammy Nominated Worship Artist

David Hernandez stands as one of the most anointed emerging voices in the Kingdom. He personifies both a Caleb type anointing to conquer and posses – in addition to an Elisha type grace for double portion signs and wonders. Through David’s ministry, an entire generation will experience the power of a living God!
— Samuel Rodriguez - President of NHCLC/CONELA Hispanic Evangelical Association

The more I get to know David Hernandez, the more I see him as a next-generation Christian leader who is determined to reach his generation with the Gospel and the truth of God’s Word.
— Matt Crouch - Chairman at Trinity Broadcasting Network

David Hernandez, has been sovereignly sent, chosen and empowered to connect with this generation. I’ve had the opportunity to spend valuable time with him, pouring into his life some of the things I have learned in my 75 years of ministry. Although several generations apart, David and I both were called and started preaching at age 13. David is in demand as a speaker at conferences and healing crusades. He also hosts a TV program with a worldwide viewership and has authored several books. David’s anointed communication coupled with his relaxed style of preaching, gives him a link to relate to a diverse audience. He has a remarkable future to fulfill.
— Ralph Wilkerson - Founding Pastor of Melodyland Church

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