DHM Sponsorship Opportunities

While our monthly partners cover our ministry’s regular operating costs, some events and most of our television broadcast needs, it is still necessary to acquire larger investments from businesses and individuals with more resources. As our monthly partners continue to faithfully sow, your additional investment will help to multiply our collective global impact. Now, more than ever before, the un-compromised gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be preached on a mass scale. This ministry is one of the best places to invest your resources if you desire to see the gospel spread, especially to the coming generations. Consider investing in this ministry to make a real difference in a dying world. Sponsor a project. If interested, please, call 562.396.5339

Sponsor: Encounter Podcast

Sponsorship Amount: $500

The Encounter Podcast features the latest audio sermons/teachings from David Diga Hernandez. Listeners can hear the program via iTunes, our ministry app and even our website. The Podcast averages over 9,000 feed hits a month and is still growing. For your designated gift of $500 or more, an audio spot will be created for you, your church, your ministry or your business. That spot will be featured on a episode of the Encounter Podcast.

“Thank You” Gift: Audio Spot on an episode of the Encounter Podcast

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Sponsor: ETV YouTube Channel

Sponsorship Amount: $1,000

Reaching the lost and edifying the Church, our ETV Youtube Channel features our ministry TV program (Encounter TV) as well as our weekly internet program (Spirit Church). It also features various other ministry productions (worship clips, prayer clips, Q&A, live broadcasts, etc.)  The ETV YouTube Channel receives an average of 60,000 views a month and over 500 new subscribers a month.

“Thank You” Gift: A sponsorship “Thank You” video on YouTube

Sponsor: ETV New Equipment

Sponsorship Amount: $15,000

Encounter TV reaches thousands of people, evangelizing the lost and edifying the believer. As years of faithful ministry go by, natural wear and tear takes its toll on our TV equipment. Your gift will enable us to keep up with this need and increase the level of excellence with which we produce our program. Help us continue to keep a quality, Spirit-filled program on the air.

“Thank You” Gifts:

– Dinner with David and Jessica

– Signed copy of “Carriers of the Glory”

– Producer Credit on Encounter TV’s international broadcast (1 Year)

Sponsor: ETV Television Broadcast

Sponsorship Amount: $5,000

Your sponsorship will help to produce 5 episodes of Encounter TV. Encounter TV is available in over 60 million homes worldwide. Each of the episodes you produce will permanently display a producer credit for you, your business or organization, such as “Produced by ABC Insurance”. Once they have finished airing on television, they will continue to air online.

“Thank You” Gift: Producer Credit on Encounter TV Intro (5 episodes)

Sponsor: Domestic Miracle Encounter Service

Sponsorship Amount: $3,000

Sponsor a weekend miracle encounter service. David receives invitations from all over the United States. Your sponsorship will help David host a miracle encounter service in the City/State of your choosing (or as near as possible to your location choice). At each event, people will hear the gospel and receive a touch from the power of the Holy Spirit.

“Thank You” Gift: Special accommodations and acknowledgement at your sponsored event

Sponsor: Overseas International Miracle Encounter Service

Sponsorship Amount: $17,500

Your sponsorship will allow David and his team to host an international evangelistic healing event, along with a feeding project before each service. Promotional videos and pictures will be taken. Also, a “Thank You” video will be made for you or your company. David’s average event attendance for international events is 1,500 people. Because most international invitations come from impoverished regions, your support will bless a nation and the churches within that nation. Nations include: the Philippines, South Africa, Brazil and Fiji.

“Thank You” Gifts:

– Personalized “Thank You” Video Update from the sponsored event

– Dinner with David & Jessica

* The sponsorship amounts are only estimates. Any funds left over will be placed in the ministry’s general fund and go where most needed in the ministry.