Project ETV: A World Evangelism Center

Campaign Progress

The Summary

We are raising the one-time costs associated with the building of the new World Evangelism Center in Southern California. The new facility will house production for our new internet-based TV network, serve as a 24/7 prayer center, enable us to live broadcast from the studio, allow for live studio audience seating, and accommodate weekly services. In short, we will be able to win more souls than ever before using new and more efficient forms of media distribution to platform the gospel of Jesus Christ demonstrated by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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 Our Goal Date is March 1st 2018.

As of Wednesday, November 29th, we have raised $14,174.28

The Goal: $300k

300 People at $1,000

1,000 People at $300

3,000 People at $100

*Of course, anything and everything helps. If you are unable to give one of the suggested amounts, do what you are able. Everything counts.

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The Story in Pictures

Click on the image carousel to see the change and read about the growth that we experienced over the past few years together. See what the Lord has used and then imagine the future.

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The Story

The Lord has put it on my heart to build a ministry center that will touch the nations with God’s power. Our current center of operations is being used to its fullest capacity. It’s time for the next phase of our vision to evangelize the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Encounter TV is available in over 100 million homes a week. Currently an effective television ministry broadcast, Encounter TV is ready to expand into the next phase of ministry.

Our new production facility will be the home of a brand new online TV network: The Encounter TV Network. This network will evangelize the lost and edify the believer through Spirit-filled messages, anointed teaching, worship content, and videos featuring the power of the Holy Spirit in action.

This network will focus on the new platforms of on-demand media, targeting distribution points such as Roku, Apple TV, IOS Apps, Android Apps, Google Chrome, Amazon Fire, and other smart TV platforms.

We will also use our new production facility to house these powerful ministry outreaches and resources:

– Multiple sets for use by multiple television ministries
– 24/7 Prayer Center
– Live ministry broadcasts from the studio
– Audio podcasting center
– Weekly services with worship, impartation and teaching
– Production center for more ministry content

This production facility will also enable us to accomodate live studio audiences, thus, allowing you to come and be a part of the production exeperience.

The facility will also house our growing administrative staff. Thus, the facility will indirectly allow us to also begin doing more Miracle Services in more places around the globe, on larger scales, and more often.

Important Note: We are currently raising our monthly support to cover monthly facility costs via our Youtube channel. This page is specifically for the one-time costs associated with moving in and setting up our new production facility. Monthly partnerships help to cover long-term monthly costs (Lease, utilities, security systems, electric bill, etc.), and one-time costs help us to cover initial costs (permits, renovation, contracted labor, production studio construction, etc.).

This is the largest project we have ever done as a ministry, and I am stepping out in faith, knowing that you’ll step out with me. Ultimately, more souls will be won to Jesus, and His name will be glorified. You can make a difference in someone’s eternity. We can do this, because nothing – absolutely nothing – is impossible with God!

– David Diga Hernandez