Carriers of the Glory

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Carriers of the Glory


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About the Book

The key to the empowered and authentic Christian life is a friendship with the Holy Spirit. And this book will both introduce you to and acquaint you with the somewhat mysterious third Person of the Trinity. If you desire to know God in greater depths, if you want your soul to be set ablaze with a passionate love for God, if you want to become all God has intended, then this book is for you. In you, the Holy Spirit will inspire true worship, cultivate a powerful prayer life, impart understanding of God’s Word, enable the miraculous and so much more. Your life can become a host for the presence of the Holy Spirit, the very Glory of God. This book also addresses the following:

– What is the Holy Spirit’s purpose and nature?

– How can we become friends of the Spirit?

– What are the keys to God’s presence?

– What is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and why is it an unpardonable sin?

– What does the Bible really teach about the gifts and speaking in tongues?

– What exactly is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

– And Much More


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Carriers of the Glory: Becoming a Friend of the Holy Spirit

by David Diga Hernandez

Destiny Image Publishing

Paperback and Hardcover Details: 192 pages / Free shipping in the U.S.

Paperback and Hardcover Signed Details: 192 pages / Free shipping in the U.S. / Signed by David

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